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What Is Watermelon Weight Loss All About?

Quite often we hear of the perceived health benefits of eating healthy and how indulging in the more healthy option can contribute to our optimum health and general wellness. Consumption of fruit is believed to be of benefit to the mind and body in that it is known to provide a natural source of vital vitamins and minerals, which as we all know assist in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. All of which contribute to the effective functioning of the human body.

Watermelon Weight Loss

Watermelon Weight Loss

Fruits have been a popular choice for those wishing to achieve weight loss, or those participating in activities aimed at weight reduction. Consumption of fruits give the necessary nutrients that in turn provide the human body with the required energy to function as it should without excessive weight gain and adding unnecessary fats to a diet. Fruits supply a very quick form of energy which is why it is a popular choice amongst athletes and other sporting participants.

When contributing to general health and wellness, fruits have been known to contribute in helping the body steer clear of health complications such as skin disorders, high blood pressure and other known ailments.

One fruit that proves very popular is that of the watermelon. Not only is it the fruit of choice for a summer refreshment, it is considered a very nutrient dense food, which like many other fruits provides a valuable high amount of vitamins and minerals within a limited number of calories. With its refreshing nature and good taste, the watermelon proves popular with the diet and sport enthusiast and to the contrary, those who just want to enjoy it as part of their summer picnics or day to day living. Either way provides an opportunity to take advantage of the aforementioned nutrients.

It is a known fact that watermelons are a source for the provision of vital vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6 which collectively help maintain health, work as an antioxidant and contribute towards a more efficient immune system. Watermelon is also known to contain amino acids such as citrulline and arginine. These help maintain blood flow and arteries. Furthermore they can contribute to effective functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Although as we’ve already mentioned watermelons can simply be a snack to enjoy on a hot summers day or a food consumed due to its perceived health benefits, more recently there has been a lot of publicity surrounding the watermelon diet, and how consumption of watermelon could contribute to weight loss.

Watermelons are about 91% water and contain only 6% sugar. In terms of calorie content watermelons do not contain that many, making it a preferred choice for dieters or those engaging in weight loss programs.

Although a watermelon diet is not an official diet, arguably any diet that includes lots of watermelon would qualify. A watermelon diet can take various forms. It can be one where which for a specified period watermelon is the primary source of nutrition or one where watermelon supplements other food sources. The way in which watermelon is consumed and for what purpose will be dependent on individual goals and needs. The long term plan of a watermelon diet would be as a form of detox, however inevitably it cuts back calories if used in replacement of alternative foods. It is also an effective way of assisting weight loss. This is because it replaces part of the volume of your food with water, which contains no calories and yet makes you feel full.

Some examples of water melon diets to aid weight loss could be for example eating only water melon for a specified period of time (3 days perhaps). This would be restrictive in both calorie and nutritional intake and therefore would aid weight loss. Following this individuals would consume 2 meals per day for a period of up to ten days, where water melon is consumed as a snack in between meals. This can be effective in aiding weight loss as long as it is adhered to and additional calories are not added to it. The main meal options should where possible also be a healthy option. This diet quite often appeals to those who want some structure to a diet but the commitment is minimal for example participating in the diet for a restricted number of days. This provides participants with a goal that is quite often somewhat achievable and cost effective.

In terms of simplicity, eating water melon as an aid to weight loss only requires the water melon product itself and will power to succeed. The versatility of water melon means it can be utilised in various means. Whereas it is normally eaten fresh and cut up into slices there are additional options where it can be blended or even used in soup. This means it provides a very inexpensive means to assisting weight loss as part of a calorie controlled type diet.

During such a calorie restrictive diet it may be a good idea to keep exercise light and restrict physical exertion to prevent tiredness or feeling dizzy if workouts are intense and prevent illness or injury as a result of participating in the diet.

One thing to be mindful of is the above example is that of a calorie restrictive diet over a specified period of time. Once the time period comes to an end the calories restriction may encourage individuals to overindulge once the diet is over and hence counteract any achieved benefits.

The period of time the diet is done for is important as trying to engage for excessive periods of time would be unsustainable. Although watermelon does have health and nutritional benefits, that alone will not provide you with all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins, minerals and even lifestyle choices all have to work in conjunction to contribute to the overall well being. Committing to eating a single food for a long period of time would not contribute to this and would be unsustainable in the long term.