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Treatment For Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial personality disorder is becoming known from every person all over the world because there are more and more people who have incurred such disorder.   There are some people who have antisocial personality disorder who don’t want any treatment for themselves because they are still in denial and are thinking as if it is no longer needed.  But even though they are still in denial, it is still very important that they have their treatment and have their follow-ups for over a long period of time.

Those who have antisocial personality disorder also need some treatment for other kinds of health situations like substance abuse disorders, anxiety, and depression.  When planning to have a treatment for antisocial personality disorder, it is best to seek help from the experts like psychologists, or psychiatrists.  The treatment that should be done best is combination of drugs and therapies that will be done depending on the situation of each person and the severity of the disorder of the person.

treatment for antisocial personality disorder

Listed below are some of the therapies and medications that will be done by experts in the medical field soon as you consult their help.

1. Psychotherapy

The therapy that is done by medical experts is psychotherapy in order to treat antisocial personality disorder. It is also known as the talk therapy. Though in some cases of patients, psychotherapy is not all the time effective especially if the patient is suffering very severe symptoms and the patient still has some denial and has difficulty in accepting that he or she really has a condition that needs to be solved.

If a doctor does psychotherapy on the individual, they can have sessions individually or per group and they can also have some sessions that can be done with the presence of their friends or their families.

 2. Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy was first done with those who are suffering from depression but as time goes by, the experts in the medical field have been using the cognitive therapy in treating antisocial personality disorder. When the patient is involved with the therapy, the doctor will then have to make some guidelines, goals and objectives regarding the betterment of the patient.

Some of the things that they should take note of are the participation of the patient, the attendance that has to be done in regular intervals, and the achievement of all the needed tasks that have to be done at home or even after the visits with the doctor.  The main goal of conducting the cognitive therapy to patients to give them some understanding regarding how they make their problems on their own and how their perceptions are distorted that avoids them from looking at their own selves the way the other people look at them.

The main personality of people who have antisocial personality disorder is that they try to put their blame on other people and they have a decreased acceptance for disappointment.  They are also very impulsive and they sometimes don’t give their whole trust whenever they have their relationships.  Also, if a person has an antisocial personality disorder, working with such people is really tough.  The individuals who have antisocial personality disorder usually have a very low motivation to become better and they also have very poor observation on their selves.

The experts in the medical field are then very observant and very sensitive with the feelings of the individual who has antisocial personality disorder.  They have to be very careful not to hurt the emotions of their patients because this can slow than the process of the therapy.

3. Medications

There are no known medications yet that is really applicable for the treatment of the disorder. But, there are some kinds of medications for psychiatric conditions that can somehow make the condition of the patent better in some situations that are somehow connected with antisocial personality disorder or with some aggressive symptoms. Some medications that will be given to patients are antidepressants, anti psychotics, and medications that can help their mood.  The prescription of these medications will be done with some precautions since these medications may have bad effects if they have been misused by some patients.

According some documentation, lithium carbonate was known to have decreased anger, and behaviors that are really threatening.  It was known that the medication can decrease some behavior like fighting, bullying and outbursts of their tempers for children who are aggressive.  Another medication that somehow gives some help for patients who have antisocial personality disorder is Phynotin or Dilantin which can decrease the aggression of individuals who are in jail.

The other medications that can be used to lessen aggression especially for patients who may also have mental retardation are valproate, carbamazepine, trazodone,  busiprone, and propranolol.

4. Family Counselling

Another thing that has to be done by experts in the medical field in order to help the patients who have antisocial personality disorder is to conduct family counselling. Also, if the patient also has a substance abuse then it is best that they avoid the use of alcohol or drugs first in order to reduce the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder. For those patients who are suffering antisocial personality disorder that have their families and spouses may have some advantage for family counselling.

Having an interaction with spouses or families and ask them to join some therapies will aid in the betterment of patients who are suffering from antisocial personality disorder.  The experts in the medical field who have a specialization with family counselling can deal with the troubles of the person who as an antisocial personality disorder.

 Antisocial personality disorder is really a very important case that has to be addressed as soon as possible.  The different treatments and therapies that have to be done should be provided by the experts in the medical field since they entail a lot of practice.  It is also essential that the support group has to help the individual with their therapies and medications because they will play a very important role in motivating them to become better.  Sometimes they just need some push in order to make themselves better.