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How To Remove Fake Tattoos Easily?

The world is changing. People are inclined towards tattooing their bodies more than ever. They love it and are willing to get beautiful tattoos on their bodies. Because of this, many tattoo makers are getting the opportunity to display their talents along with it there is a huge rise in the demand for the tattoo artists. Many of you may know about the tattoos and there types. There are primarily two types, permanent and fake or temporary. Permanent are the ones that cannot be removed from your body, once made. Hence, it is advisable that before going for the permanent tattoos you decide well that which type of tattoo art you want on your body. However, if you are planning to get a fake or temporary tattoo on your body, you do not have to worry at all because you have the option to get rid of it. Now you must be thinking that how to remove fake tattoos? So, the answer is given in this article. Just sit back, relax and acquaint yourself with all the possible ways of removing the fake or temporary tattoos.

What Are Different Tattoo Art Styles?

How To Remove Fake Tattoos Easily

Before looking into the various methods of removing the fake tattoos, let us have looked into some of the styles that are famous around the world among the tattoo lovers.

It is good that you treat your body as if you will do for any other form of fine art, and hence, try to explore as many styles of tattoos as you can before you land on any decisions. To help yourself, have a look into these categories. These are not the only ones, there are numerous options available in the market today, but to have a basic idea, just read on. Moreover, you can also consult with your tattoo artist as which tattoo will suit you best.

1. Fine Line Black & Grey

The first in the list is the Fine line black and grey tattoos style. The birth of this style occurred around the 1970s in the communities of Chicano, which is situated in the East LA. The process requires the use of a single needle and creates extremely fine lines along with the smooth and subtle shading in the various shades of black and grey.

2. Biomechanical

The second category in the tattoos’ art styles is the biochemical designs. If you are a hardcore sci-fi fan or love industrial things, biomechanical tattoo art is for you. The most of the designs in this category are the ripped apart flesh or the robotic parts those look best when drawn on the muscled parts of your body. The best body parts for the biomechanical designs are the legs, arms, or even your neck. So, get inspired by the fantastical machinery and get a biomechanical tattoo design on your body.

3. Asian

If you are a loveable person and love the love a lot, then Asian is the art you must go for. These designs are loved all over the world a lot for their colorful and graceful designs and beauty. Some of the things that come under the Asian category are the symbols of koi fish, dragon and tiger tattoos, Geisha women, cherry blossom tattoos and many more.

4. Tribal

This tattoo art depicts the rich culture and meaning of the history of Native American. The tribal art of tattoos became extremely famous armband piece during the 1990s. The main motive that this tribal tattoo art serves is the passage and involvement of the monks, blessings and the painful tattooing methods that are hand-poked. These are superbly rich in spiritual meanings.

5. Traditional Old School

These designs are mostly used interchangeably. Some of the designs in this category include pin-up girls, ships and anchors, eagle tattoos, and many more. One of the most famous traditional old school

How To Remove A Fake Tattoo?

Now, after learning about the various tattoo arts, the time is to look into a few procedures with the help of which you can easily remove your temporary or the fake tattoo.

1. Scrubbing

The first method to achieve this is through scrubbing. Apply a little amount of the oil, if possible, baby oil over the temporary tattoo. Once done, just use a normal scrubber and rub the place of the tattoo with it gently. Slowly and gradually, the tattoo will start coming out and will be removed completely. However, you can also go with the temporary tattoo remover wipes, for example, Limisan. You can easily find these removers in the market.

2. Peeling

The second method to get rid of the fake tattoo is peeling it off completely. The first thing you need to is to rip several small pieces of a clear tape; you can use Scotch tape. Once done, press the pieces of tape onto your tattoo. Make sure that you apply a firm pressure so that they get stuck onto the tattoo completely. After this, rub the tap along with your skin slowly and comfortably, please be careful otherwise you may get scratches on your skin. While rubbing the tattoo along with tape will come out and you will get rid of the temporary tattoo.

3. Applying Cold Cream

If you are planning to go with this method, make sure that you apply the cream over your tattoo, and the tattoo is completely covered with the cream. Wait for some time until the cream completely sinks into your skin. To do so, leave the cream for an hour or so. After around one hour, use warm water and soap to remove the cold cream from your skin. By doing so, your tattoo will automatically be removed from it.

Therefore, it was all about removing your fake tattoo. Getting the tattoo on your skin is the fashion of the time. However, it is advisable that take care of all the possible safety precautions before going for it.