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How to get rid of stomach cramps in the easiest way?

Cramps in stomach can really give you a painful experience and can be a real mess if not treated immediately.  There are plenty of reasons that can lead to severe stomach cramps. Sometimes the problem lies with the digestive system. Indigestion at times can lead to severe stomach pain. Body organs like kidney, aorta, spleen and appendix if not functioning properly can lead to stomach cramps too. In addition, if your body gets infected from outside sources then also there are ample chances of you getting prone to stomach cramps.

Furthermore, it is seen that women midst the menstrual cycle also tend to have stomach cramps which can last from 2 to 3 days in a row. However, regular exercises can help them know as how to get rid of stomach pain arising due to menstruation. Furthermore, one of the important aspects that must be kept in mind is that the severe condition of pain cannot all the time be a matter of serious problem. Sometimes severe stomach cramps might even occur if you are having some gas problems. In addition, it should also be known that even if you are having mild or negligible pain, it should not be ignored because sometimes mild and negligible pains are the indication of severe problems like stone in appendix or cancer in colon etc.

So, you must keep yourself well informed about the various reasons of stomach cramps and in case of persistent stomach cramps, it is always better to consult a doctor and follow medication as prescribed by the doctor. However, here are certain ways through which you can easily understand all the remedies regarding how to get rid of stomach cramps:

How to get rid of stomach cramps in the easiest way?

Understanding the symptoms if you have digestion problems:

One of the major reasons of stomach cramps is the problem of indigestion. You must make sure that you know about the visible symptoms that lead to stomach cramps because of indigestion. Usually it is seen that stomach pain occurs at the upper part of the abdominal area when it is because of indigestion. In addition, you can also suffer from stomach ache if you are suffering from heart burn. It is a condition in which you feel a burning sensation near your breast bones which can be really painful.

So, if you want to know how to get rid of stomach pains due to indigestion or heartburn you must make few changes in the way you live your life. You should make considerable changes in your food and drinking habits. The intake of foods with loads of spices and oils should be avoided. In addition, the consumption of excessive tea, coffee or alcohol should also be avoided as these foods and drinks have such properties which can lead to the inflammation in your stomach which in turn can lead to severe stomach ache. Furthermore, you must keep a watch at your weight gain and resort to regular exercise for maintaining a healthy body.

Exercises also tend to reduce the stress level of your mind and make you relaxed which is very important for a healthy life. Also, trying natural remedies like the use of chamomile, pepper mint in form tea or tablets can considerably help you in providing relief from the stomach cramps.

If you tend to suffer from gas problems:

Gas can be a major cause of stomach cramps so  you should make sure that you know all the possible remedies of treating stomach cramps arising out of gas issues. One of the effective remedies to avoid gas issues is to increase the consumption of water on daily basis. It is very important for a person to at least consume a minimum of 8 glass of water to maintain the fluid level in the body in a way that it can remain healthy for a long period of time. In addition, one must have a healthy and balanced diet though; few vegetables tend to increase the gas within the body so it would be good if you avoid its consumption.

Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and beans should not be included in your diet if you suffer from gas issues.  Furthermore, you can resort to the use of certain digestive enzymes in order to help your digestion process and avoid the accumulation of gas within the body.

If you are suffering from stomach flu:

Stomach flu arises because of the attack of virus in the stomach and leads to severe stomach cramps. It is accompanied with vomiting, nausea as well as diarrhoea. The patients tend to lose a large amount of water and become dehydrated so it is very important to maintain the fluid level in the body by helping them intake the water.

However, excessive water consumption might increase the chances of vomiting so it is advisable to give them electrolyte solution after regular interval. In addition, if the condition worsens, glucose can also be given with the help of intravenous injection. The immune system becomes very weak because of stomach flu, so it is advisable that the patient gets ample amount of rest and sleep so that they can resort back to their normal healthy life.

Consulting a doctor:

it is always advisable to get a professional help if you do not understand the reason of stomach cramps. Sometimes the reasons of cramps can be really serious and needs medical treatment immediately. Make sure to visit your doctor if you are having sudden and severe pain in and around your abdominal area, or the pain increases towards your chest, neck as well as the shoulder, if you are having vomiting accompanied with blood or your stool has blood in it because it can be visible signs of appendix stones, gall bladder stones as well as certain kind of cancers too.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to take medications for stomach cramps without the doctor’s prescription. Often it is seen that people start the intake of painkillers like aspirin and ibrufen to subside the pain. It might be helpful for instant relief but in the long run it might damage your immune system. So, avoid its consumption unless the doctor says so.


Stomach cramps can be treated effectively if people are aware of the various remedies available for its effective treatment. Try the above tips and let us know if that helped you to treat your stomach cramps.