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How Many Years To Become A Doctor?

A doctor is considered as a professional who specializes with medicine.  Doctors have the responsibility to maintain, restore and promote the health of patients or clients.  Doctors study about the different aspects of medicine, diagnosis and treatment of the illnesses, injuries and diseases of patients.  There are some specializations that are taken by doctors in order to be more expert in a certain field such as psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and many more.

Doctors or Physicians may focus with the betterment of individuals, families, or community.  It is essential to have wide range of knowledge about the medical practices in order to give the necessary health treatment for patients.  Aside from the knowledge, a doctor or physician should also have the required skill on each specialization.

How Many Years To Become A Doctor

Ethics and legal concerns are also studied in the medical school since every move of a doctor should be abided by the medico-legal deeds to avoid any lawsuits in the future.  Nowadays, there are many people who would like to become a doctor because of the salary and benefits that they can get soon after they finish their schooling and get their physician’s license.  It is considered a noble job because of the selfless activities that they do just for their patients.

Every specialization in the medical field that can be achieved by doctors all has good compensation.  However, it is not easy to become a doctor or physician because of how many years that they need to allot in order to finish the requirements to become a full pledged doctor.

1. Requirements On Education

Education is the biggest part of becoming a doctor because doctors or physicians have to study for more than a decade just to finish their educational requirements. The requirement on education may vary depending on the country the aspiring doctor is studying in and depends on the specialization that they want to obtain. In the United States, doctors have to finish two degrees that are related with the medical course and have to finish the required years of residency for their fellowship or specializations.

While the doctors are practicing their residency, they can already choose the specialization that they want to take for their fellowship.

2. Bachelor’s Degree

After the students have finished their high school studies, they can already go to their college or university life. The degrees that they need to take for their bachelor’s should be related with the medical field so that they can understand all the concepts in the medical school easily when they are already studying.   But there are some medical schools that they won’t necessarily require a medically related bachelor’s degree before you go to the medical school.  Some of the premed schools are offering reviews for students to pass the medical college admission test or MCAT.

The common courses that students take as a preparatory for medical school are nursing, pharmacology, biology, medical technologist and some other medically related courses.  While they are studying their bachelor’s degree, they will learn about the basics of medicine such as chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, and also general subjects like English, Math, Physics and some other necessary subjects that they can already take while they are still studying their bachelor’s degrees.

3. MCAT Or Medical College Admission Test

This is a required exam that every student has to pass soon after they finish their bachelor’s degree. The MCAT or Medical College Admission Test is an examination that has some multiple choice examinations. It is a computerized examination that should be taken within 5 hours and is composed of subjects related to biology, physical science, writing, and verbal abilities.  Most of the schools for medical doctors usually require a number of score that they need to have so they can enrol in their universities or college.

This examination is very important because this will serve as a basis for the medical schools.  If you want to be enrolled with prestigious schools then you have to excel with this examination and try your best to get the target score.

4. Medical School And Licensing

The education and training that the students have to obtain while they are studying in the medical school will usually take about 4 years. The medical school is composed of studying with books, skills and experience that they need to have. First two years will all be allocated in studying books while the remaining years will be done in the clinical area for them to practice their skills with diagnosis, treatment of injuries, illnesses or diseases and some other things that they can enhance in the medical field.

They will be assigned in clinics, communities and hospitals within the two-year period so that they can apply all the concepts that they have learned in books.  The students will be supervised by the attending physicians who are working in the hospitals.  Some knowledge and information will be shared with them for the betterment of the doctors.  Soon after they finish their clerkship, they can already have the medical exam for doctors.  The exam will be administered by the board of medical examiners.

Once they pass the exam, they can already have their license as medical practitioners.

 5. Residency And Fellowship

Clerkship or internship is the so called residency part during the period of becoming a doctor. Some physicians or doctors usually have their residency for about 3 to 7 years in the hospitals.  During their residency years, the doctors will already be practicing and focusing with patient care.  From time to time, they will also have some meetings or seminars regarding the updates about the medical practices.  They can rotate from different areas in the hospital to know more about their desired specializations.

Soon after they finish the required residency for their specializations, then they can already apply for their fellowship.  The number of years that they need to study for their fellowship again depends on their specializations.

It is nice to become a doctor for as long as they really want to become a doctor then you really need to be studious and patient enough to study for more than a decade.  They need to be dedicated and hard working as well so that they can deliver the quality service that their patients need.