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Best Cardio Workouts For Weight Loss

If you want to lose some body fats and get into the best shape that you want, you may have to sweat it out by doing some of the best cardio activities for weight loss. You may have to do some aerobic exercises in order to lose those unwanted fats that you have. The best cardio that you can do to achieve weight loss is to do some aerobic exercises. It may not be your first time to hear about aerobic exercises since it is one of the most common ways to lose some fats. Aerobic exercises are classified according to the intensity of exercise that can be done. It may either me moderate or high intensity. The higher the intensity, the more calories can be burned. However, the low intensity is still worth it because it is also part of the process that you can do as you go along. In order to have the best cardio that you want, you have to exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes regularly so as to achieve weight loss faster. Some of the aerobic activities that one can do are cycling, running, walking and rowing.

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What is the importance of aerobic exercise?

  • As stated on the previous text, aerobic exercise is considered the best cardio that you can do for weight loss. Aerobic exercise has a lot of benefits in terms of your health condition. In general, aerobic exercise helps individuals to have their muscles be strengthened. It entails respiration so it gives some assistance to the functions of the lungs. Aerobic exercise also heightens the over-all amount of the red blood cells in a person’s body. The red blood cells have a great function because it provides the facilitation of oxygen all throughout the systems of the body. It also gives the heart muscles some strength which would greatly hasten the efficiency of pumping of the heart and hasten the resting heart rate of individuals. Another good benefit is that it decreases tension and stress and it enhances the mental health of a person. Aerobic exercise also gives some benefit in terms of the circulation in the body systems. In psychological aspects, it also boosts the self-esteem of individuals. Aerobic activities with lower to moderate intensity can give an impact that is quite lesser on the joints of a person. This kind of benefit is good for those who are unfit and obese individuals. Lower to moderate activity can directly burn your fats as well if it is being done regularly and for a long time. It can also be done as an active recovery for intensive training workouts. Lastly, for higher intensity activities, this can provide faster weight loss because it allows decreasing the fats and caloric content on your body. This will also have a good impact on your metabolic rate because it increases such to a higher degree than the aerobics that have low intensity activities. This kind of aerobic activity can enhance the athletic performance, endurance and strength of an individual. This can also aid in the prevention of osteoporosis. Depending on the intensity of the exercise that you want to achieve, you can also have the benefits of each. You must set some goals for yourself first, and with these goals that you have, you may then choose whether to have low, moderate or high intensity aerobic exercise.

Aerobic Exercises


  • Running is a good aerobic exercise and is very convenient because you need not to go to the gym and pay for some fee anymore.   Running for an hour can help you burn about 600 calories already. This gives a higher impact in terms of losing some of the fats on your body and can enhance the fitness of your cardio and respiratory areas. The good advantage of running is that you burn more calories and fats and when done on a long period of time, your metabolic rate will also improve. Running is a good workout for your lower extremities because your quadriceps, soleus muscles, hamstrings and gastrocnemius are all working at the same time. Sometimes, your arms will also have some decrease on fats because arm activities are also done when running. In order to have better muscle shape on your legs, running is the best thing that you can do. Running can also enhance your athletic performance and may also provide some fitness on your body. It may also help in boosting your metabolic rate. Running is good for all ages especially for the middle aged to elderly because it can prevent osteoporosis. If you are still are beginner with aerobic exercise, particularly running, you may do exercise about three times every week for about 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Walking has always been a good exercise and considered as a best cardio workout because it can help you lose about 300 to 400 calories per hour. This kind of exercise is perfect for the elderly, obese, injured individuals and beginners of exercises. It is considered as a low intensity aerobic exercise so you can usually jut loses lesser calories and fats. This is also a good exercise for those who are recovering from surgery or illnesses. Walking for 20 to 45 minutes for 3 times in a week is already a good exercise for weight loss.


  • Cycling is almost the same running. Cycling can be done at your own home if you use the stationary ones or if you are using a bicycle then it would be good for you because you can also explore and see the beauty of nature. You can choose between these methods, whichever you want, you can still attain your goals for cardio and to lose weight.

These are just some of the common aerobic exercises that are best for your cardio and would be very effective for you to lose weight. You may use these methods that have been stated above in order to burn some calories or fats. Also, if you want to lose weight faster than usual, then you may opt to have higher intensity workouts to achieve your goal soon.