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8 Reasons: Why Am I Fat?

If you have worked out hours together in the gym, but still remaining the same weight, you need to have a closer look into your weight-loss strategy. There are quite a lot of things that lie beneath your over-weight issues. Things that you never suspected that would contribute in making you fat are outlined in this article. If you are one among the people wondering why am I fat even after taking up so many weight loss measures, then you need to read these points.

Why Am I Fat?

Why Am I Fat

1. You Are Reading Labels The Wrong Way

The Journal of Consumer Research says that some healthy sounding food labels are for duping dieters. Dieters, in their endeavor to eat healthy foods, unconsciously choose injurious unwanted foods which are labeled as healthy says a recent report. Words when used deceptively lure you into choosing these foods. The preservatives and artificial ingredients in these packets render your dieting unsuccessful. For instance, diet-conscious customers pick up a product labeled as “fruit chews” in comparison to their counterparts who chose “candy chews”. Thus the diet conscious ones get lured into eating more of sugar laden foods. In order to make informed decisions on food choices, use the ingredient list and nutrition information on the labels. Do not get lured by the fancy packaging and industry buzzwords.

2. You Are On A Soda Diet

Stop wondering Why am I fat? A simple reason behind it could be because you are drinking too much of diet sodas. You may be drinking this water hoping that these will aid in your weight loss. However, it seems to have a reverse effect. Studies presented recently in San Diego at the American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions confirmed this factor. Researchers also have found that those who drank diet soda had six times increased waist size that those who did not consume the drink. Though the exact reason why soda contributes to overweight has not yet been found, it may be that people end up eating more in order to compensate for the calories they missed by drinking soda.

3. You Are Lacking Enough Sleep

What is fat? How do you get adipose tissues deposited in your waist line? The excess calories that you consume get converted to fat. Recent studies have revealed that sleepless nights don’t just contribute to ruining your next day’s moods; they can also have a more damaging effect on your waist line! The researchers have found that sleepy people consume approximately 300 more calories per day in comparison to their non-sleepy counterparts, but burn just the same amount as them. This makes them put on more weight. Besides, when you get too little sleep your metabolism decreases in order to conserve energy. This results in the release of cortisol, which in turn increases your appetite. Further, sleep loss also makes your body to produce more ghrelin, which signals hunger, and less leptin, which informs your stomach when it is full. All these factors make you eat more and gain weight. Moreover, long hours of staying awake also means taking more snacks and hence more calorie intake. At late night, you tend to snack on high-carb and high-fat foods which again increases your weight gain rate.

It is a fact that your body burns more calories during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep when you are in deep sleep. Lesser the duration of REM sleep, the lesser your calorie burning and hence increased weight gain. A sound night’s sleep is therefore necessary for you to stay slim. Studies say that quality night’s sleep of 7.5 consecutive hours is necessary for human beings.

4. Your Room’s Temperature Matters

The journal Obesity Reviews says that a cozy room can contribute to your weight gain. It says that when your body gets cold, you shiver. This causes your muscles to contract and generate heat, and ultimately burn calories. So, turn off your room’s thermostat and get out of your comfort zone if you really want to lose weight.

5. Your Friends Are Overweight

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine says that you can get obese if you have close friends who are obese. This is because you get influenced by your obese friends to involve in overeating unwittingly. So, if this theory is the cause of your weight gain, start hanging out with thin individuals, and be on your way to losing weight!

6. You Are Eating Too Much

This is one of the most common reasons believed to make people fat. But, if you are into having small frequent meals to reduce overeating, you may be doing the reverse instead. Studies have shown that these mini meals work like snacks with calories to add to your weight. So, make sure that you don’t end up getting fat by opting for 6 small meals a day. Have an eye on your calorie intake. Eating healthy foods in moderation is the key.

7. You Are Consuming Toxic Chemical Substances!

Surprising right? But it is true. There are a group of chemicals called the phthalates. These are used in plastic making to render flexibility to this material. Recent studies show that there is a link between these chemicals and obesity. These chemicals have an endocrine disrupting activity, and are therefore grouped under obesogens (obesity-promoting chemicals). The harmful effects of these chemicals can be warded off by a healthy immune system. But, it pays to aid your system’s efforts by avoiding plastic packaging for your food items.

8. You Are Stressed

Chronic stress makes your body to produce increased amounts of insulin and cortisol. This, in turn, results in increasing your appetite. This makes you eat “hedonistic”. That is, you start craving for fatty food items and high calorie sweets, and end up eating these unhealthy stuff. You tend to combat your stress with eating, and thus activate your brain’s reward center. Even after the feel-good sensation fades off, you again and again reach out for food to get the feeling of relaxation, calmness and goodness which you got initially from it.

Knowledge is strength. Gaining knowledge of the lesser known facts contributing to weight gain can help you avoid these factors and get on your journey towards successful weight loss. So, take the above stated reasons into consideration while you plan your weight loss strategy. All the very best!